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9th-Nov-2016 08:22 pm - Updates
Oh boy. Here we go. Bullet list for easy following!

Mark's papperwork came through. We have til December 21st to be married. His embassy interview is Nov 17th, and we're nervous as hell.

I had a job for 2 months, anxiety got to be too much, I had to quit. No job now.

I re-entered therapy for my anxiety.

I've been working on getting a shop together for my site, and slowly building tube sets and tags for it.

I had my gallbladder taken out and am at the last stage of healing.

That's about it! Oh! And I turned 30 November 7th!
8th-Aug-2016 07:32 pm - Theme
I'm thinking of changing my theme. I need a change, and I need to remember to update and all of it.

So let's see.. update bullet list might be easier.

  • I turned in Mark's visa paperwork the 13th of June. We've been anxiously awaiting news since.

  • I ended up having to take one more class, an art class I'm in the fifth week of. 3 more weeks and I'll be done. I can graduate.

  • Speaking of graduation, school dinked with my fees. I had an $840 fee to pay. I got the money together to pay. The bank had a hold for 14 days. THEN it dropped. School told me the realease had to be a bank error, they had my payment, I was in the clear... Then they took the $840 out of my account. You know how I know it wasn't bank error and I wasn't paid off? I got an email that said "You were right." No. Really.

  • I started gaming on youtube! I'm not expecting to be big, but to create a channel to share memories of friends and I having fun, that I'm going to enjoy.

Um.. I think that's it. I haven't done anything with my site or shop yet, because I can't focus on pixels/school/games all at once. I try to alternate, and so far am working on building up a shop.

Otherwise.. That's it! How are you all?
17th-Apr-2016 06:05 pm - Help?
I seem to have forgotten how to change the link on my menu. Help?
17th-Apr-2016 05:55 pm - I'm terrible
At remembering to update this thing. I am still alive! I swear. Mostly. 10 more weeks of classes and I graduate with my Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

My site link has changed: http://twoheartspixels.moonfae.com

What else has changed? Not much. I've got a loved list, but that only applies to a handful of folks, so that's not of interest..

My shop will be updated eventually. I promise. I'm just overdoing it with classes and trying to do that. Classes have to win out for now.
18th-Jul-2015 08:25 pm - Updates!
There's a new layout at 2 hearts pixels and you can use the link on the top to get to it. It's adorable and done by Shannon at SimplyShantastic.

I also have a tube set up. Aloris, lines done by Jari, found at A Pixel N Time.
Here's the full preview (Thank you FPD & PMD for the lines to make a preview tag that I don't hate)!

I'm currently working on some of the greyscale and lines I have from one of Sicara's Free Theme Weeks from ages ago, so we'll see how that goes. :)
5th-Apr-2015 03:01 pm - Happy Easter
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, I'm sick and feel like death warmed over, so I'm going to take some benadryl and lay down.
Even chocolate can't fix the yuck factor. LOL
1st-Apr-2015 10:19 pm - Blinkies!
Why are they so fun to make? No really, I'm curious. I've been learning to get better at these, and my friend Orella gave me better font tips and the kind ladies who gave me blocks and pixels to work from have been teaching me too! Please don't take these, I made these for myself, my love and my friends :)

Credits: PLP, FTC, Pocketfull of Pixels, Luvkins & pixelpeach
31st-Mar-2015 08:13 pm - The In-Progress Folder Follies
I cannot be the only one who goes to their in progress folder and just stares. You started the pixel file for a reason and then- got bored and put it away or lost interest or your muse took a vacation.. and on and on.

I was going through my in progress folder (It has files from 2006 that I still look at and wonder where I was going with the pixel file.) and saw ones from Innerflame and Jari.

For you pixel ladies who might not know, Innerflame (Francis of Innerflame's Dragon Hollow) was my sister site. She was one of the first people besides HeatherD and Patty I met on a long forgotten forum called "Over the Rainbow." We started out dollers, taking bases and making dolls (drawing the clothes and hair on ourselves). Inny made me a doll that now, perfectly mimics the wedding dress I want to get. (I still have the doll in my photobucket.)

Jari Graham was a pixel friend who lived one state away and who I kept saying 'one day I'll meet you.." and never did. I missed out getting to know an awesome lady better and I'll probably always kick myself for it. Jari ran Pixelating Magik and nearly everyone knows her pixels (They're tiny and cute and easily colored, she made beginner friendly lines as I told her once.)

Seeing the two names in the "in Progress folder" made me determined to finish those projects, if only so that others can enjoy my sister and friends artwork. So my in progress currently is Jari's bunnies and Inny's dragons. I'm hoping I can make them proud (Cause goodness knows my shading is backtracking instead of going forward lately.), so if you need me. I'm curled up to my laptop with coffee, photoshop & music.
16th-Jan-2015 01:59 am - Woot!
So, I'm excited to report I'm making progress on therapy. Sorry, it's not progress in pixels but it is good for me.

My therapist has decided I'm not running from anxiety anymore and now we need to work on myd epression which fluctuates on good and bad days, like anything else does.

She's also happy I've found a way to calm my anxiety by falling into an old craft-crochet!

Here's what I'm working on between classes (One of which forced an anxiety attack- though not intentionally).

It's a baby blanket made with Mary Maxim yarn, called Lollipop the color is Gumball.

I also got more yarn to make things with:

Left to right: The rainbow yarn is Sundance jamboree in circus, the purple and white is bernat baby blanket in little lilac dove (I have 4) the pink is baby by herrschners in rosey Posey (I have 5) and the green is the dragon fly mist afghan set lol all from herrschner.

I'm feeling crafty and happy. How is everyone else?
13th-Aug-2014 10:55 am - Yes I disappear a lot
I'm bad about it. I know. I'm sorry. I'm trying not to be.

Well I didn't technically disappear. I'm at Secret Vanilla Patch with a bunch of lovely ladies.

I'm just forgetting to write. I'm thinking I may make this a mix of pixel and personal, as I need a vent space.

Right now, I'm working on finding a job, getting Mark here and earning a degree, while doing charity (making chemo caps) and volunteering (Make A Wish.)

Holy crap. And pixeling. I shouldn't forget that.

Which brings up something else. I Made tubes. My nephew used my computer and though accidently, cleared my in progress folder off. All the tags and tubes I was working on.. are gone.

So.. I'm starting again. Luckily, what's already in my shop is still there in a password locked folder and now that's where the new progress folder is too.. but I feel like a huge idiot.

So back to pixeling. If you want to see what I'm working on.. You'll have to be curious a bit longer :P I haven't made a preview image yet.

So how are you all doing?
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